Raspberry Pi Experiment 03: Streaming to Web

Reviewed by Editor: Jack Allison

Experiment Goal:

To stream video into Web for observation of local weather conditions and for surveillance on the wind measuring equipment installed at the windowsill


Pictures and Stories:

– New IR camera was built from same components as at previous experiments


– Then the camera was installed outside of our window. It is powered from 12V power supply within the room. Plan to move to solar array when it proves to be recharging sufficiently.


– Example video received at my PC and Android Phone through WLAN

IMG_20150214_085506 IMG_0370

– Then the idea of configuring WI-Fi router for streaming into Web was tested and appeared to work. The router’s Network Address Translation (NAT) feature was used. The appropriate ‘Getting Started’ page was updated so that key learning would not be lost. Software was prepared based on previous experiments with HTTP streaming.

– There is a resulting stream at the address below. It is also accessible on Windows PC from the Welcome Page of this blog (Live menu item).

Recommended References:

Stream the #RaspberryPi camera module through your browser
– Streaming Options

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