Raspberry Pi Experiment 13: Anemometer. Less power consumed more produced and preserved


– Power consumption was lowered by more rare reports through wi-fi and by disabling of HDMI interface.
– In-currents are increased by addition of two more solar panels (250 mAh 1.25W each). Thus we potentially may have 4x180mAh + 2x250mAh = 860mAh or in watts 4x1W + 2x 1.25W = 6.5W
– Also all the weak connection parts were fastened with hot glue to be more sustainable to frequent disassembling-assembling cycles

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IMG_20150219_184042 IMG_20150219_185454 IMG_20150219_185554 IMG_20150219_185633 IMG_20150219_191219 IMG_20150220_054948 IMG_20150220_210357

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