Odroid, PCDUINO, Raspbery Pi reset and more


– Raspberry Pi based Anemometer: to provide a capability of electrical restart w/o opening of the case.

– To try to launch PCDuino and Odroid boards that arrived long time ago

– To work on new solder iron’s US-plug and to make it EU-compatible.

– To take my old MIO Pocket PC apart and select parts to be tested as spare parts for DIY systems creation

Pics and description:

– Positive wire connecting the anemometer battery and RPi’s 5V pin was made much longer and goes now through the room (were it may be detached) so that the reset will be possible even w/o opening a window. Problem was that in case if Wi-Fi connection with RPi gone for some reason there was no way to restart RPi except by unplugging 5V DC plug and waiting the battery is discharged or by opening the device’s box and disconnecting connecting power-wires.

IMG_20150328_162657 IMG_20150328_112950

– This is the way the new soldering iron was made useful at my house. There was no spare EU-US adapter available.

s-l1600 IMG_20150328_081729IMG_20150328_082331IMG_20150328_084214 IMG_20150328_084314 IMG_20150328_085423IMG_20150328_085650 ???????????????????????????????

– These are my new spare parts to be tested for usability: microphone, dynamic, GPS module, battery, LCD touch-display

IMG_20150328_153102 IMG_20150328_154129

– This is plug and play launching of PC-Duino. Even no SD-card with OS image was needed: it has pre-installed/pre-burned Ubuntu. Feels a bit slow and overheating during regular operating if compared to Raspberry Pi. So I added heat-sink to not have it burned-out.

PC-Duino has VNC server built-in. When VNC client is used to connect PC-duino, authentication dialog pops-up. To connect PC-duino use default password: ‘ubuntu’

IMG_20150328_154644 IMG_20150328_160103

– The below pictures show that process of launching of Odroid C1 also was successful, although wasn’t plug and play like in case of PC-Duino. I had: to find the OS image; to create boot SD-card; to use SSH to pre-install  remote control means (XRDP and VNC) as in this case HDMI is not available.

IMG_20150328_180824 IMG_20150328_180845 IMG_20150328_182035

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