GETTING STARTED: Intel Edison USB-host

Mounting of external flash-drive (disk-on-key)

Generally, if Edison board is connected to PC with 2 micro-USB cables connected to its 2 micro-USB ports it appears at Win8’s FileExplorer as external drive even w/o installation of Edison drivers. Thus, files may be moved to Edisson and fro freely. But, if you need to mount flash drive for some reason, you may use the instructions below.

  • USB-host is located on external power power-domain thus
    • Connect 12/9V power supply to the board
    • Move the black mini-switch on the side of the board (that is located between large USB-host port and micro-USB port) to the direction of that large USB-host port
  • At SSH/Serial console issue ‘lsusb’ command and see several interfaces listed. If USB-host is not powered you will get the error message with code “unable to initialize libusb: -99″.
  • Plug your flash-drive into USB-host port
  • Issue ‘lsusb’ command again and see that new interface appeared. If all is well it also will be recognized
  • Mount the disk as following
mkdir /media/storage 
mount -o loop,ro,offset=8192 /dev/mmcblk0p9 /media/storage
  • You are ready to work with the attached drive
  • cd /media/storage

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