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GETTING STARTED (Intel Galilleo):


Useful Tools


01 [RPi] PiCam Video Streaming via WiFi

02 [RPi] PiCam video streaming through cellular network 3G/GSM

03 [RPi] Streaming using HTTP
03 [RPi] Streaming to Web

04 [RPi] Adative HTTP Streaming
04 [RPi] Streaming using VLC. HTML5 containing images

05 [RPi] PiNoir camera and IR leds

06 [RPi] [Prototype] Casing of RPi IR Wifi camera

07 [RPi] RS-232

08 [RPi] RS-485. Experiment failed: missing components.

09 [RPi] GPS module: “plug and play”

10 [RPi] Going standalone: RPi + GPS module + WiFi dongle + battery

11 [RPi] RS485 USB-dongle

12 [RPi] Autonomous Solar Auto-Reporting RPi
12 [RPi] More batteries added
12 [RPi] More Solar Power + A2D Converter for Battery Voltage Reports

Experiment #13: published at HACKADAY by Rud Merriam (Rud’s LinkedIn profile)
13 [RPi] [Prototype] Wind Speed and Direction Meter (Anemometer)
13 [RPi] Dealing with power again
13 [RPi] Few more experiments with batteries
13 [RPi] Less power consumed and more produced and preserved
13 [RPi] Temperature Sensor
13 [RPi] [Prototype] Anemometer based on sensors F200-201/2
13 [RPi] [Prototype] Anemometer based on sensors F200-201/2 v2

14 Trying PC scope SW by probing through audio-device microphone input

15 ODROID, PCDuino, Raspberry PI Reset and more

16 [RPi] Power from wind: no successes so far
16 [RPi] Power from wind: oiling and blades expansion. Dynamo is finally destroyed by the wind.

17 [RPi] RF: 433mhz with SMAKN ASK Transmitter Receiver kit

18 [Arduino] [Prototype] Self-switching corridor lamp (motion detector, relay)

19 [Intel Galilleo] LAN TCP communication with RaspberryPi using Python

20 [Intel Edison] Intel Edison: Simple HHTP server with IoT XDK

21 [Intel Edison] Investigating IoTivity

22 [Prototype] RPi: Stationary Recording/Playback Training Assistance System

23 [Intel HW] Moving cars